Druta provides you customizable ready-made building blocks to implement your ideas into production ready applications in days instead of weeks helping you to iterate faster and gain lesser time-to-market.


Toolkit to build serverless application backends rapidly like Ruby on Rails but for serverless applications on aws. At its heart, DrutaVahan is composable toolkit using which you can choose one or combine many of below blueprints or write your own services to create your own custom platform

DrutaVahan Blueprints

Reference implementations of some of common patterns that can help you jump-start your application


HTTP Endpoint which offers API to sign-up users and update, query and delete JSON-like documents securely

CDN-Backed Static Website

You own hosting solution. A simple site generator that transforms Markdown into HTML and deploys to CDN. Point your domain to CDN URL and you are live.

SPA/PWA with Backend

Single Page Applications/Progressive web application backed by CDN and integrated with backend so that you can quickly start writing awesome web applications


Create an End-point which allows to publish a Slack API chat postMessage message to Slack. Other DrutaVahan applications can also send messages to slack through internal messaging


This blueprint allows you to quickly integrate with other applications using Swagger compliant API end-point


Simple workflow engine which allows to define workflows, create new workflows, execute steps and query status

Custom Zapier-like workflow

This blueprint allows you to define workflow which accepts data from multiple external web applications and act on them


Dynamic webpage which can display documents stored in the backend in tabular format using configurable templates

Batch (files) processing

A generic backend which allows you to trigger file processing when file is uploaded


A generic backend which accepts job and processes them in asynchronous manner. Job submitter can optionally get notified via email when job gets completed

Scheduled Background Job

Trigger Jobs at pre-defined schedule


API End-point and Client using which you can upload files securely to your backend

Event Fan-Out

Fan-out incoming HTTP events to multiple sources like message queues, blob storage, relational database or document database


Need a custom form on your static website? This template generates form from templates. Create new form templates, accept data and get notified to email when user adds entries

Create your own

DrutaVahan is generic toolkit using which you can choose one or combine many or write your own service to create your own custom platform


Mobile Application skeleton generator helps you to incrementally build multi-screen working skeleton for cross-platform native application integrated with DrutaVahan in minutes

Showcase App - DrutaFit

Simple mobile application to track your walking activity targeted at people with desk jobs

App is implemented using DrutaVahan Mobile Backend Blueprint

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